Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wish I was White

“I wish I was white,” K.D. said after he got out of the shower last night. I was in the bathroom managing baths and showers for the four youngest.

A million things ran through my mind – I am failing as a transracial parent, somehow K.D. has picked up on racial preferences in America, how can I ever be a good father to this brown-skinned boy and raise him to be comfortable in his own skin?

I did not react visibly and as casually as I could I asked, “Why is that, K.D.?”

“Because then I would not have to put lotion on,” he replied as he begrudgingly dipped his fingers into the jar of Cetaphil.


jody said...

you can tell him I am as white as they come-AND I have to use Cetaphil , too. apparently dry skin is quite color blind....and I wish I were brown and did not blind passersby with my dry white skin that burns easily and is at high risk for melanoma. The grass is always greener....:)

Anonymous said...

Please tell your beautiful brown skinned boy that all 3 of my blond haired blued eyed kids wished that they too didn't have to put on that heavy Eucerin cream after their baths and so much sun screen that takes a good half hour to apply. We try to teach them that its not the color of their skin that makes them so dry it's just that it's how God made them and we need to take care of the outside as much as we need to take care of the inside. Still praying that God will show my husband the blessings of adoption. Mom of 3 with a space in my heart for 1 more.

Anonymous said...

*black woman laughing hysterically*

Anonymous said...

Isn't that cute! Sometimes the answer is so simple.

Guatmama said...

I love it! That in all his innocence this is the only thing that plagues his mind! You tell him I love that beautiful brown tone skin!!