Friday, June 13, 2008

Universal Diagrams

“Dad, you aren’t supposed to be doing that,” K.D. said.

Since I was taking Anna and K.D. to Home Depot in the truck, I had to put in a car seat. I had grabbed a cast off car seat from our car seat reject pile, had thrown it in the middle of the bench, and now was strapping in Anna and the car seat.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, barely paying attention. This father of seven who simultaneously had four kids in car seats for multiple years knew that any advice from a six-year-old Ethiopian boy who did not know what a car seat was 18 months ago would be poor advice indeed. I continued to strap in Anna and the car seat.

“Dad, you aren’t supposed to be doing that,” K.D. insisted again.

I was getting a little annoyed. I just wanted to make a quick run to Home Depot and managing shoes, parting bathroom stops, car seats, 93 degree weather, and K.D. leaning on me as I was trying to strap in Anna was all just a little too much at the moment.

Knowing that if you don’t have anything nice to say you just shouldn’t say anything at all, I ignored K.D.

“Dad! Look right here! You are not supposed to be doing that!”

I looked. K.D. was pointing at one of those universal diagrams on the side of the car seat showing a child being strapped in just as I was doing it. Only this diagram had a big red circle around the diagram with a line through it.

“Look at that! You are right, K.D.!” I said, quite impressed that he had sized up the whole situation on his own. I then altered how I was doing things.

I guess those universal diagrams really are universal.


Emily said...

I just found your blog, we too have 7 kids (2 bio and 5 adopted). Nice to read about another big family!

ellie said...

I agree w/ emily, we have 10 kids in our family, nine bio (I'm the third) and we just picked up our first adoption miricle 10 days ago, my wonderful little brother! We've been reading for several month and LOVE reading about another big, crazy family who is also COLOURFUL (Josiah is AA).