Monday, July 2, 2007

Crying in Ethiopia and Remembering Mom

As stories continue to come out from our kids about Ethiopia, it seems that a central theme to K.D.'s stories is crying. You may have read about school in Ethiopia, which involved crying due to some corporal punishment. Here are a few more things K.D. has told us.

A few weeks ago K.D. was getting out of the bathtub when he said, "In America, bath warm. In Ethiopia, bath cold. Me cry." He demonstrated by squatting on his haunches, hugging himself, and pretending to shiver. It was a convincing demonstration.

There was also the story about a scar on his knee. He said, "They take it out. Me cry." I could never figure out just what was stuck in his knee that needed to be removed.

A few days ago I was working with him in an early Singapore math book where you had to match things. As we sat at the table working through the exercise, we came to a picture of a key which needed to be matched with a padlock.

"In Ethiopia, this one locked. Me hungry. Me cry."

I remembered a photo I had received from Ethiopia that showed the door of K.D.'s home (shown right). This door had a padlock on it.

"In Ethiopia, your door had a lock on it?" I asked.

"Yes. It locked. Me hungry and mom no hear. Me cry."

I was surprised to hear K.D. speak of his mother. Previously when I had asked K.D. if his mom was sick and that is why she died, he did not know. I thought he might have been too young to remember her.

We spoke a little more about the lock and the key and it seems he was hungry, outside the door of his home, and calling for his mother. His mom did not come to the door. Whether she was not actually there, too weak to answer the door, or had no food to offer, I do not know.

Finding out that he could remember his mom, CrazyMom and I asked again later about his mother.

"My mother . . . She in box . . . Me cry."


Renee said...

Oh, :o( That made me cry.

What a precious family you have.

sally said...

Your blog is my favorite!!! I feel like I know your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...jcn