Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hey! I know you!

My wife and I read multiple blogs of people we don’t know. I know we will probably never meet any of these people, but we like to share in their lives in this small way.

One Sunday morning on our last vacation we walked into a small church in another state. CrazyMom went ahead of me into the sanctuary and sat down with the kids. A few moments later, a woman came up to her and said, "You are going to think this is a crazy question, but are you the Big Crazy Family?" She had recognized the kids from pictures on the blog. When I came in, I found two adoptive moms engrossed in conversation.

I decided that I had better start keeping my eyes open. Who knows? Maybe I will get to run into someone whose blog I read.

1 comment:

sally said...

So happy to see myself mentioned in your blog!! I was so afraid I had scared your family!! Keep up the wonderful writing.