Tuesday, May 22, 2007

School in Ethiopia

With just three months under their belts, our Ethiopian kids have learned enough English that they can talk about what life was like in Ethiopia. The other day, K.D. was sharing about school in Ethiopia.

"Me school Ethiopia . . . I don't know . . . whack, whack, whack," K.D. said to CrazyMom as he acted like he was holding something and beating himself.

"Did they hit you at school when you did not know the answer?" CrazyMom asked.


"Did you cry?"

"Me quiet," K.D. said. He demonstrated how he cried quietly by crouching down by the stool, hiding his face and rubbing his eyes.

"I'm so sorry," said CrazyMom giving him a gentle hug.

"I no like Ethiopia."

"There were good things about Ethiopia. What was something you liked?"


"The food was yummy?"

"Yes," said K.D. with a big smile and then he trotted off to play school with F.G. and Little Foot. They played American style – no corporal punishment.

Later in the day CrazyMom and F.G. were sitting on the glider on the deck.

"K.D. told me they hit him in school. Did they hit you when you did not know the answer?" CrazyMom asked.

"Yes. This one," she said pointing at a nearby tree. She acted like she was breaking off a branch and then using the branch to hit herself.

"Where did they hit you?"

"Here," she said pointing to her back and thigh.

"Did you cry?"


Since the memories from the far away land seemed so distant now, the mood was lighthearted.

"Maybe mommy should try using a stick when we do school together," CrazyMom suggested.

F.G. smiled and laughed.

"Mom silly."


lili said...

Unfortunately, the differences in culture create serious problems for some of us. My ethio terror refuses to comply with most of our household rules since there are no consequenses in her mind. She refuses to do homework, clean her room or do chores. The only REAL consequence to her is a beating and since we don't beat kids in the country she feels she can walk all over us. When we enforce American style consequences like loss of priveledges or no allowance she just thinks we're being mean and spiteful which justifies HER being mean and spiteful. Our life is horrible since her arrival over 2 1/2 years ago. By the way, none is this is adoption related...she was out of control in her first family.

Sophie said...

How wonderful that they can be cheerful, content little people now :)