Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Tourism

After two days of rest and getting some things in order, we were ready to head out today from the guesthouse.  We visited the Giraffe Center where they are breeding Rothschild giraffes to help build their population.  We also went to the elephant orphanage that takes in elephants that have been orphaned by poachers or natural means.  Ed is a big fan of elephants, so here she is with her best friends.

The highlight of the elephant center for me was taking KD to the bathroom and discovering that they had a lock on the outside of the door.

I could not come up with a reason why the lock would be on the outside other than to lock people in while they were using the bathroom, so of course, I had to lock KD in.  I am happy to report that it worked quite well.  KD could not get out until I unlocked the door.

We leave the guest house tomorrow and head to ABO - Africa Based Orientation.  It is a three week long training that will give us a jump start on figuring out how to get along well in Africa.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool picture of the elephants - we know how excited she must have been to see them.
Cheryl B.