Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“F” is for Farewell

Part of the training we received in preparation for the field was about leaving well. The acronym was RAFT. “R” and “A” are for reconciliation and affirmation. Before heading out of the country it is good to take care of business at home with each of one's relationships by reconciling with them if needed and affirming them. In fact, we should be doing this all of the time regardless of whether or not we are leaving the country.

A photo CrazyMom's father took as we drove away.
Then comes the “F.” The “F” is for farewell. This is the stage that we have been living in for the last month as we have been saying goodbye to colleagues, church members, friends, and family. There have been tears shed along the way - particularly in that final moment of parting when there hangs in the air the weight of separation. As I have gone through this, in some small way I can now better understand the images I see of couples parting as one goes off to war while the other stays behind. How much more difficult of a parting that must be. While we are leaving many family and friends behind, we are thankful that the nine of us will be together on this journey.

The “T” is for transition. There will be some significant challenges for us over the next few months as we transition from here to Kenya, spend three weeks at Africa Based Orientation, and then travel to Rift Valley Academy to settle in and start teaching. We are excited about the future, but please pray for us as we transition.

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Paulette Quinn said...

F is also for Friends,

Every Sunday when I look over at
"your" pew, I am reminded of how
very much you are all missed. I still get teary-eyed for a few minutes each week. Have been praying for you every day....that you will all settle in quickly, stay well and safe, make new friends easily, get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a different culture(I lived in Bangladesh!), KNOW that you ARE where the Lord wants you to be (sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that truth), accept the fact that NOTHING happens quickly in a 3rd World country,
that your disappointments will be few and your joys......MANY.

My love and daily prayers,