Thursday, May 17, 2007

An Irreplaceable Mom

On Mother's Day it is customary to give mom the day off. I did some of CrazyMom's usual stuff: emptied the dishwasher 3 times, cooked breakfast, and cooked lunch – dinner was self-serve cold cereal. But I wanted to do more. I thought one of the best ways to give CrazyMom the day off would be to give her a break from the endless questions she gets asked from our six kids. So I told the kids that if they have any questions to ask me, not CrazyMom.

It was early on Sunday morning when the first question came. I was working on making biscuits & gravy when Ed passed through the kitchen looking for CrazyMom.

"Where's Mom?"


"I need to ask her a question."

"Ask me. It's Mother's Day."

With a well-ok-if-you-really-think-you-can-answer-this look, Ed says, "Does this match?"

Ed was sporting a pink bandana on her head, a white blouse, and a pink skirt of a slightly different shade of pink. The scarf and the skirt were not actually pink, but I don't know the name of the actual color and pink is the closest thing in my vocabulary. You don't need to know color names, however, to know if something matches. I could see that the white blouse was definitely not a problem, but the bandana and the skirt I put in the "kind-of" match category.

Now here is the dilemma. If I say they match and sometime before now and the end of the day Ed finds out they don't match and that she should have worn her other pink bandana of a slightly different shade, she will be sad. On the other hand, if I say they don't match and she does not have another pink bandana of a slightly different shade, she will be sad. But I don't know if there is another pink bandana of a slightly different shade and so I can't answer the question. Argh.

"Go ask your mom," I say, already discouraged.

A smirking girl twirled on her heels and set off to find CrazyMom.

So I failed on the first question of the day and many more after that. I probably batted about a .300 for the day, which might keep me in the line up in baseball, but it feels pretty pathetic as a father trying to give mom the day off.

Oh well. I will try to numb the pain by telling myself that it is the thought that counts. Maybe CrazyMom had a better Mother's Day than I know. It must be satisfying to watch me demonstrate that she is an irreplaceable part of our family.


Owlhaven said...

So did they match?? And did she have another pink bandana?

Mary, who has no idea why she feels this is important to know

CrazyD said...

Funny you should ask. I thought about whether or not to put this detail in and for some reason decided to leave it out.

They "kind-of" matched, but there was not another pink bandanna of a slightly different shade. CrazyMom told Ed that it was fine. Ed was content with the affirmation and everything about life was good because mom made it good.