Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why I Don’t Have Dry Pants


 A helpless feeling washes over you when you hear the rain on the roof and realize that the laundry is still on the line.  What makes it worse is that you know that it could be days before there is a dry spell long enough for the laundry to dry.  That bright sunshine that you thought would last just an hour ago has betrayed you once again.

 If you are a small family, a dry day here and there is probably enough to get the laundry done, but for the nine of us, these sporadic dry spells were insufficient.

This is what led us to string lines in our attic.  A seemingly perfect solution until our clothes started developing holes in them.

This is what led us to borrow a hand made mouse trap from a woman at a local duka (store).

This is what led to the capture of our chief foe.

And that is what led to me having dry pants once again.

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