Sunday, September 2, 2007


One nice thing for dads living in America is that there are pretty low expectations for us in caring for the hair of our daughters. If I do my girls' hair and it is done poorly, others smile and are impressed that I tried. I am even seen as a great modern day dad. If my wife does a great job with the girls' hair, nobody is impressed since she is doing what moms ought to do.

Well, I have on occasion fancied myself as a modern day dad and I have, on occasion, done my girls hair. I can do pony tails, mostly symmetric pig tails, Laura Ingles braids, and the easy headband.

Then came F.G. There is no way I can do anything with her hair. Now that her hair has grown out some, she wants things done to it. It involves gels, oils, rubber bands, stretchy thingies, and a whole host of other materials that I don't work with. But above all, her hair requires skills that are far beyond my capacities.

The good news for F.G. is that CrazyMom is here. CrazyMom braided F.G.'s hair the other day for the first time. I don't know how she did it without taking a class, but she did. I tried to braid a patch and F.G. let me know in no uncertain terms that she would not need my services anymore.

It is a good thing I still have my day job.


Kris Long said...

Man, what happened to that little girl? She looks so, so old!

Hey, don't sell yourself short "D". I see cornrows in your future.


B.E.C.K. said...

Can I just tell you -- your wife rocks. (You do, too!) That hairdo is so, so cute, and obviously took a while. But the best thing is the smile it put on your daughter's face! :-)

Anonymous said...

FG is a very beautiful girl. I too just love her smile and the braids are amazing. Great job Crazy Mom! Crazy Dad - you might think of this as a challenge! :)