Friday, July 25, 2014

Lasts and Firsts

We have had a final week together as a family between graduation and Megan leaving for college.  It has been a week full of lasts – or at least lasts for a while. 

Here are a few of the “lasts” from the week.

The last Kijabe hike:  If you are going to go on a last Kijabe hike, you might as well make it an epic one.  Four of us along with four other friends headed out the back gate of RVA to climb up a gorge to Upper Falls.  It was a great hike there with a path most of the way.  There was water in the falls despite the shortage of rain recently and all had a good time.  Then . . . someone had the bright idea that it would be more fun to try to climb out of the gorge by “bush whacking” our way to the top rather than taking the boring path back down.  What followed were a few hours of scaling rocks without ropes and fighting through dense brush filled with thorns, ants, and stinging nettle.  We finally made it to the top and then hiked to the nearest road.  We were about 7 miles from RVA and exhausted, so we called Sheri and had her come pick us up.  It was good to finally make it home safely after the dicey rock scaling that happened along the way. 

Last family get-a-way:  We spent two days at a home not far from here in an area where there is hardly anything to do.  It is a great place to simply hang out and be together away from the concerns of the world.  There is a river nearby to swim in, but you have to throw in rocks first and wait awhile to make sure there are no hippos around.

Last indoor night:  Indoor soccer is a favorite pastime here on campus.  Thursday nights are reserved for “adults” – Megan officially qualifies now that she has graduated, although she did get to play often over the past two years if there weren’t too many adults out for soccer that particular night.

Last lunch at Mama Chikus:  Our local restaurant has fed our family many times over the last two years.  You can get a great plate of Kenyan style food for less than the cost of a Big Mac.  We got to eat lunch there today as her final meal here in Kijabe.

Last piki piki ride:  Megan has just recently taken up motorcycle riding as she is always eager to learn something new and we got to go on our last ride together today.

But these lasts are giving way to many new and exciting firsts.  We are thrilled for Megan as she heads off to college to start this next phase of her life.  We love you Megan and we are proud of you.

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