Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kenya Kids Can and My Family

“Does anybody want to go along?” I usually ask my family as I get ready to head out the door to go visit some schools that Kenya Kida Can works with.  Almost always 1 or 2 of my kids will hop in the car to go with me.

In many of these schools visitors are rare.   When there are visitors, they usually come to meet with the head teacher and they do not spend time with the students.  While I do make it a point to connect with the students whenever I am in a school, there is always an extra level of excitement when I show up if my kids get out of the car.

For schools in our area, the children might not have ever interacted with American children before and it really is an exciting opportunity for a cross-cultural connection.  And these connections are a real treat for both my kids and the students.

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