Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tunneling with Grandpa

"Is that a bat?!?" Grandpa was saying, trying to conceal the concerns that were running through his mind as he sensed something large flying about his head.  We were about halfway through a long tunnel that provided a passageway for water running down the mountain to get under the railroad tracks - and a fast way for us hikers to get back to campus.

Grandpa getting ready to plunge into the tunnel with the grandkids.

"No," I said,  "it is just a moth that happens to be as big as a bat."

Grandpa chuckled.

"It sure it a good thing Grandma isn't here," he said.

The image of Grandma stooped over in the dark tunnel with slime, cobwebs, and moths the size of bats flashed through my head and I heartily agreed that it was good that Grandma was not with us.

Instead we had Little Foot teasing Grandpa about being a cheater for turning on his flashlight app on his smartphone when we were in the darkest part of the tunnel.  Clearly the kids found the tunnel exciting rather than traumatizing.

I also teased Grandpa for turning on his flashlight, but I have to admit, it sure was nice to have.

Anna scooting down the ravine to get to the tunnel.

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