Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Encounter with Safari Ants

Safari Ants, Pinching Ants, Army Ants, Flesh Eaters, Siafu. We have heard these ants called many different things. On our first morning here at Rift Valley Academy we passed by a column of them on the warpath and every day since we have simply stepped over a column of them whenever we walked by. Last night we were on our way to supper with some friends when we saw the end of a warpath of Safari Ants where they were disassembling one of these guys.

Then when we were at supper, the kids came running in yelling, “K.D. is getting bitten by ants!” We rushed outside to see him dancing about swatting at his pants. While he was eating dinner outside, some Safari Ants found him. Our host knew just what to do. He sent his son to go fetch a robe and had us strip K.D. down. We shook the ants out of his clothes, K.D. got dressed again, and we went on to have a wonderful evening. It is great that the ants don't sting you so that after you get them off, there is no itching or much ongoing pain – as long as you get them off before they remove too much of your flesh, that is. :-) You can read more about these fun little guys here on Wikipedia.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my! I'm glad he's ok. I'm pretty sure I'd freak out with something like that!

Bill Monty said...

Wow! I've seen several documentaries about those ants! Fascinating and freaky! I was scared just watching them on TV. Can't imagine stepping over them.

Thanks for the great updates. Continuing to pray for you all every Friday and whenever the Lord brings you to mind.

Paulette Quinn said...

Loathsome creatures!! Glad everything is alright. No doubt you'll discover a few other "new" creatures at some point.....yikes!

Love and Prayers,