Saturday, February 25, 2012

Celebrating Five Years in America

F.G. and K.D. just celebrated their five-year anniversary of landing on American soil. The above photo shows how much they have changed physically, but they have grown in many other ways as well.

I sat down and chatted with both of them today about some of their early memories of the transition to America. K.D. remembers grabbing Little Foot’s hand when he got off the plane and not letting go for the rest of the day. Little Foot was a big comfort to K.D. when he first came and none of the warnings we heard about “virtual twinning” came true for us.

K.D. also remembers looking out the airplane window and thinking he saw moving bugs on the ground. He could not figure out why they were so “civilized,” moving along lines so neatly. It was not until the plane got close enough to the ground that he saw they were really cars.

F.G. remembers being brown in a largely white world. There were times when she just wanted to blend in and not be seen, but everybody noticed her.

When I asked them about the best things about living in America, here is what they said:

-Living in a house with a TV that shows American football.
-Being able to turn on a switch and have a light come on whenever you want.
-That the houses are not small.
-Not getting hit with a stick in school.

-Having more food than she could normally get.
-Being able to go to school.
-Having parents that love you.
-Being able to sleep in a bed in a big room.
-Having more opportunities to play with friends.

There are things to be missed, however. They both miss friends and loved ones. F.G. also misses being able to walk to the market rather than having to take a car. K.D. misses roaming the streets with his friends. Sometimes he would find a coin, walk into a store, buy a piece of bread, and then take it home to share with his sister.

It was fun to reminisce about the “old” days with the two of them. I am looking forward to seeing what the next five years bring.


Diane said...

It seems like yesterday when you came to church with them. They have grown up to be two beautiful children that are greatly loved. How can it possibly be five years?

Nadia said...

We adopted our daughter 7 years ago. It is amazing to me to think about how different her life is today. What a beautiful picture of hope and providence. Thanks for sharing your kiddos thoughts...

Sharon said...

5 years? I can't believe it has been 5 years.

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary of bringing the children home.

What a journey ...

Carissa said...

Wow. That brought tears to my eyes! Our kids have been home only 7 weeks. Kinda crazy to think that one day we'll be looking back over 5 years as well. Thank you again for the (big) role that you played in our adoption journey. God bless you on your next adventure!!