Monday, September 5, 2011

Garage Sale Lesson

"Mommy, can I get this please?" the little girl was saying with the sweetest eyes as she held a new treasure that she had found at our garage sale.   

"No," her mom said flatly.  Then she added,  "We don't even own a VCR player," with a hint of disgust in her voice.

Our garage sale on Saturday was a HUGE success.  We sold tons of stuff - literally.  However, this little girl was the closest we came to selling one of about 50 VHS tapes.

At the end of the day we filled the pickup truck with the VHS tapes and a lot of other stuff that did not sell and tried to drop it all off at Am Vets.  Am Vets took just about everything we had in the truck, but they wouldn't take the VHS tapes.  Lesson learned - the only new home you can find for a VHS tape is the landfill.


Julie said...

Jon wanted me to let you know that Michael Clutz collects VHS tapes, so if they haven't made their way to the landfill yet.....drop them off for Clutzy.

Vicky said...

I think Half Price Books still takes them (and they'll PAY you!)

CrazyD said...

Thanks for the suggestions about the VHS tapes. While they are not yet in the dump, they are, well, ruined. In the middle of the night it began to rain. I was about to jump out of bed to go out and grab the stuff left in the back of the truck when I realized I did not have to because I was going to throw it away anyway. So, what minimal value they had is now surely lost with a good dowsing of water from above!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We had a big garage sale a week or so ago. We took a load of things to the dump today ... including a LOT of cassette tapes. So sad. They were GOOD tapes.

We still watch VHS tapes, by the way.

Oh ... just read about the rain. We, too, had quite the rain storm which soaked everything in the back of the truck. Problem: we now had to pay more at the dump because everything was HEAVIER.

:) :) :)