Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Near Blowout

“Why is that truck honking at us?” a kid asked from the back seat.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Probably because I am driving too slow.”

It was our only full day in the Badlands and we had just gotten on the road to see the sights when this Custer Gas truck started honking at us. I pulled over to let him pass, but instead he pulled up beside me.

“Something is wrong with your right rear tire,” the trucker yelled through his open window.

I hopped out and went to look at it. The tire looked perfectly fine to me and I was about to get back in the van when the guy showed up at my side.

“It’s something on the inside,” he said.

Getting down on our knees, we looked under the van and saw the problem. I was moments away from a blowout. I would have never noticed the bulge and nobody else could have seen it when I was pulling the travel trailer.

Feeling very fortunate indeed, we cautiously headed off to the nearest tire store, which we found out about from our favorite trucker.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Wow! Praising the Lord for sending that trucker to watch out for you.

On my 2009 cross country road trip, I had a complete blow out on my travel trailer. My son's description as he knelt under the trailer, "It looks like a bomb went off, Mom." Not fun.

Glad you avoided a blowout.