Monday, November 22, 2010

A House Divided - OSU vs. Iowa

OSU had a big game against Iowa last Saturday, as most of you know.  Rather than having the wonderful experience of sitting down with the family and rooting for OSU, I had to navigate the difficult waters of watching the game with an Iowa fan.

It all started a few years ago when my Iowa-born father was in town for an OSU/Iowa game (OK, I was born in Iowa as well).  He engaged the unethical practice of trying to brainwash some young minds to root for Iowa.  When that did not work, he turned to bribery.  Most of my kids were able to say no to the temptation, but two fell to the dark side.  Anna has mostly recovered from it all (notice she is shrugging in the photo and is wearing an OSU jersey but Iowa sweats) while poor K.D. has had to suffer through year after year of losses to OSU while donning Grandpa-provided game gear.  I was doing my best to comfort him while they interviewed Coach Tressel, but it was hard after all.

But now that we have this game behind us, we can all root together for OSU against Michigan and Iowa against Minnesota.  Oh, wait.  My sister and her family are in Minnesota . . .

P.S. A very special thanks to our friends who donated an old tube TV to the cause so we did not have to watch the game on our only surviving TV which is a measly 10".

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Traci Weldie said...

Just found you from the weboard (CWA) - Go Bucks!! I am an Ohio native and I just LOVE this picture!