Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rift Valley Academy Video

Since some of you may not be on our email list, I wanted to share a video that I shared with the list. Africa Inland Mission (our mission agency) has this video on their website about Rift Valley Academy. This is the school in Kenya that, Lord willing, we will be teaching at in less than a year. In just 7 minutes it does a great job of not only giving you a feel for RVA, but also for seeing the impact that the school is having in enabling the work of missionaries in Africa.

Click here for the RVA video.

Click here to check out RVA's website.

I keep thinking that the excitement about the move to Kenya may fade a little here in our home, but it has not.  It seems like it is hard to string together two hours in a row where the move is not mentioned.  It is a fun time for the family as we dream about the future.

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~Stephanie said...

I'd love to hear more about the process you are going through as you prepare to go to Kenya.