Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lame Tooth Fairy

"Hey, Anna! Did the Tooth Fairy come last night?" Buddy just asked Anna at breakfast.

"No," replied Anna. "The Tooth Fairy sometimes takes two days to come."

Yes, Anna lost a tooth last night. Yes, she put it under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Yes, we forgot about it.

Maybe the Tooth Fairy will be able to remember tonight. But if the Tooth Fairy forgets again, at least Anna understands how things work in large families.


Kerry said...

TWO days? Wow.

What a speedy Tooth Fairy you have in your parts. Ours sometimes takes weeks! It's usually because there is something on the floor and the fairy can only come if the room is clean! LOL

waitingarms said...

At least your tooth fairy remembers to take the tooth away. In our house, sometimes the tooth fairy remembers to leave the money, but forgets to take away the tooth. Our six year old still can't get over that one - the tooth fairy knows all the children that lost teeth, but sometimes forgets to take the tooth away?

Kelly said...

I think we must share the same lame tooth fairy.

Do you know what really stinks? When the children's grandfather tells them that its always five dollars for the first tooth. He tried to say they got bonuses for teeth without cavities but I stepped in because the kids all get that coating now.

cindy q said...

I think the tooth fairy is lame sometimes in both large and small families... we have less teeth to keep track of and for some reason the tooth fairy forgets here too.

~Stephanie said...

Our tooth fairy forgets too! One time my husband had to call her boss and report her! LOL (We only have one losing teeth so far!)

Anonymous said...

Our tooth fairy was lame, too - or at least sick sometimes. That is, until we came up with a foolproof plan. Just drop something smack dab in the middle of the stairs when you take the kids to bed, then when you go to bed hours later and wonder why something is in the middle of your stairs, you remember.

beebeemoma2002 said...

So glad to hear other families have the same Tooth Fairy issues as ours. We have 5 kids(and one due in April) and our tooth fairy has been forgetful a lot! For 3 days one time!
At least your daughter was more understanding than mine. She couldnt understand how she could forget. LOL
The bad thing is we only have one child old enough to have lost any teeth!