Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teenagers and Music

On Saturday I was up on a ladder taking down Christmas lights while CrazyMom was “supervising” from the ground. (Yes, supervising. When I lean as far out as I can on the ladder to try to reach some lights, I can feel her we-have-too-many-kids-for-you-to-be-doing-something-so-dumb look burning through my back.)

Miss Bookworm popped her head out the front door and said, “Mom, can I buy a song?” She was on the iTunes store on my laptop and wanted to add to the collection on her new grandparent-provided iPod.

“Sure,” said CrazyMom. Then, as Miss Bookworm’s head was disappearing, CrazyMom suddenly realized that she never asked what song it was – she was lapsing as a parent.

“Wait!” she called after Miss Bookworm. “What song is it?”

“Lead Me To the Cross,” Miss Bookworm called as she stuck her head back out and then disappeared into the house.

As the door closed, CrazyMom and I chuckled.

“I guess that song will be alright,” CrazyMom said as she smiled.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure that one does not have an ‘explicit’ tag,” I said . . . and then I had to catch my balance because my chuckling had caused me to lose my focus on the ladder.

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