Friday, November 6, 2009

Solving the Rubik’s Cube

“Buddy did a great job today,” a grade school teacher said to me as I walked by her in the hall.

“Oh, yeah? With what?” I asked.

“He solved the Rubik’s cube under the Elmo,” she replied.

We had walked past each other at this point, so even though I had no idea why Buddy would hold his hands under a stuffed Sesame Street character when solving the Rubik’s Cube I said, “That’s great” and continued on my way back to the high school and my own class.

It turns out that the “Elmo” is a document projector and Buddy had solved the Rubik’s cube while it was being projected up on the big screen during an assembly. Pretty cool stuff for a 10 year old.

One of the things that educators love is to see independent learning. One of the “opportunities” that big families offer is a lot of independent learning. Mom and dad often have too much going on to hold the hand of every child in the home.

I had shown Buddy a You-Tube video on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but that was it. After that, he was on his own. I did not even know that he had finally got it down until I found out in the hallway conversation above that he not only had it down, he was performing for the school.

Well, when one brother does something sweet like that, another brother wants in on the action. Little Foot got Buddy to show him the You-Tube video and he then learned how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Pretty cool stuff for an 8 year old.


Melissa said...

i want to join your family!

Brian said...

Gotta love Little Foot on the last round "Hey hey hey hey Hey"=)

Anonymous said...

Really awesome to see.


lucas rubix said...

solving the rubix cube is very hard !

Anonymous said...

Just for the record...I'm a 30-year-old math professor, and I still can't do what these guys can do! Can you share the link to the you-tube video that Buddy watched??