Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beggar's Night Costumes

Little Miss Anna dressed up as a cheerleader.

F.G. as a black Crayola crayon.

Little Foot as a bow hunter.

Miss Bookworm and Ed as injured soccer players. This fit pretty well since Ed could not play in the tournament this weekend since she has pneumonia.

K.D. as a rock star.

Buddy as a headless man walking on his hands. He sure got a lot of comments on his costume as we roamed the neighborhood.

Here are the pumpkins this year. One was designed by Miss Bookworm and the other by Buddy.


Laurel said...

Buddy's costume is AWESOME and AMAZING! I'll have to show that one to my boys.

mama of 13

beth said...

How does he see?

CrazyD said...

Hi Beth,

Buddy could see by peeking out of the zipper of the overalls.