Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Needed: Nurse’s Clipboard and Second Thermometer

“Hi, hon,” I said. I was calling CrazyMom on my way home from work on Monday to let her know that which she already knew – I was running late. I was expecting her to start reminding me about how I only had 11 minutes before I had to leave for the soccer fields.

“I have four kids with fevers in the house,” she said.

“Four kids? How can that be?”

I was incredulous because this fact went against my understanding of how this world should be dealing with us. It all started a few weeks ago when the first kid got sick. We were pretty much processing the kids sequentially – when one kid would recover, the next kid, who was secretly incubating, would go down.

On Sunday CrazyMom was not with me at church because she was home with a child who was nearly recovered and another child who was the latest casualty. I remember telling others that we were basically out of the woods now. We were running out of kids to get sick, so the end was near.

Well, I was wrong. Now it was Monday evening and kids who had recovered were relapsing.

When I got up this morning and came down for breakfast, only two kids were up and able to make it to the breakfast table. It sure made for a quiet breakfast.

Later in the day, I got an email from CrazyMom giving me the current medical status of each child at home. At the end of the message she wrote:

“I need a nurse’s clipboard and a second thermometer.”


Diane said...

Will make for a quiet night Wed.

Diane said...

Will make for a quiet night Wed.

Kurt and Kayla said...

It hit here too. Last Wed, 4 stayed home with fevers and Kurt was sick, and then the remaining 2 kids came home with fevers. So... we had 7 at once. I was the only one who missed this round. Thankfully, it didn't last long and there was no "throw-up" involved.