Monday, October 12, 2009

Camping with Friends

“Oh, I have been meaning to tell you,” said CrazyMom as she sat next to me in the RV. “F.G. is missing school on Monday.”

We were packed up and heading out of town to go camping with friends on what we thought was a long weekend for the family. Managing all of the different school schedules got the best of us, however, and we did not realize that F.G. would miss a day of school. Our big-family friends ended up having the same problem for their kids as well. But we did not let a little school ruin a fantastic family outing. Here are some photos of the trip.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Loads of fun!!!! Hey, the great outdoors is the best school :)

admin said...

That's a lot of people! What kind of tent did you use when you when camping?

Laurel said...

Looks like fun! We've been camping for the past 3 weeks (and driven over 6,000 miles.) So, we are about ready to put away the tent trailer until next summer.

Our kids aren't missing school .. we just took homeschooling "on the road". Yes ... lots can be done in the car while driving 300-400 miles a day.

mama of 13

Thankfulmom said...

It looks like a wonderful time. We sure missed all of you at camp this year. Please tell CrazyMom I said hello--we'll have to connect one day.