Friday, September 4, 2009

Gone Camping

“But in a motor home the kids could play cards as we went down the road,” CrazyMom was saying. All nine of us were packed into the van on a road trip to Grandma and Grandpa F’s house (my folks). CrazyMom and I were reliving the same debate that we had been having for the last five years – she wants a motor home, but I want a travel trailer.

“The last thing we need is another engine to maintain. Plus, they cost a lot more money,” I said as I had said over and over for five years.

Then I looked in the back bench of our twelve passenger van. Miss Bookworm was sitting there reading.

“Hon,” I said in a softer, different tone. “Miss Bookworm is 13. If we talk about this for five more years, then it will all be over. She will be out of the house and we will never have been a camping family. I don’t care if it is a motor home, travel trailer, or a pop up. We need to get something - even if it is the wrong thing - this summer and just start camping.”

CrazyMom agreed and we purposed to find something soon.

The next day we were sitting in the shade in Grandma and Granpa’s yard watching the kids roll by on the go-cart. In my line of sight was their camper sitting in the field where it had been parked for a year or so. I did not think anything of it until the night before we were to leave their place.

“Hey Grandpa F, what are you guys doing with that camper?” I asked. By the next afternoon, after a tow out of the field, a new battery and right front brake calipers, we were on our way, driving the RV.

Here are some shots of our first camping trip that we did at the end of summer. It was a fabulous time together as a family and we are looking forward to our second outing this fall.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Sooo Fun!!!!!

Laurel said...

That's great! We LOVE camping. Actually, right now, I am planning a 1 month camping trip with 7 of my children. We are going to head out in a couple of weeks, and visit Bloggy Families across the country ... sleeping in our tent trailer along the way. This is called, "Homeschooling On The Road".

Enjoy your Camper!

mama of 13

Rose said...

I love keeping up with you guys on your blog -you are an excellent writer! Looked like you had a great summer - we sure were glad to get to see you all early summer .
We love camping too - though find it a challenge with 6 kids under 12.

Diane said...

Camping is a great way to teach first hand some of those skills that are "textbook", such as how to level the thing (and WHY it is so important), making sure all the equipment is packed up BEFORE heading out (and all the hoses and plugs are disconnected).

Shay said...

You & your family inspire me! You have beautiful children!
Camping is so much fun! We havnt been in forever!

The Mommy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life. We are totally inspired!

Anonymous said...

We had a travel trailer for a while, and last week camped in a tent -- with 13 people !

Also, I was in the RV business for a while. The "rule of thumb" we used to tell people to help them decide was:
If you spend most of your time getting there and traveling from place to place, a motorhome is the best choice. (Because of more comfortable road time; easier to break camp & hit the road)
If you spend most of your time parked in one place (local camping, driving to one location & staying for two weeks) then a towable is much better because you get mucf more usable space for your money and you have a more comfortable vehicle to do your site seeing in once you get to the campground & unhook

Les Riley