Monday, April 6, 2009

Precious Photos

A full year after our second trip to Ethiopia, CrazyMom and I finally put together a photo album of the trip. It has been wonderful to live the trip again through the pictures that we were able to capture. All of our kids have been pouring over the albums with so much delight that it is hard not to feel guilty that we did not complete this project earlier. I will refrain from sharing the 600 photos that made the album right now, but I thought that I would occasionally share a few here and there.

While in Ethiopia, we had the opportunity to make a long trek south to the town where our children were from and meet some of the family members. Whenever we were shown photos of our children, I would lay the photos on the ground and take a picture. This photo of a photo shows K.D. sharing his third birthday with his little sister Anna. The three candles, three bottles of Pepsi, a traditional bread/cake, and newspapers on the wall all tell a story of K.D.’s past that we would not have been able to imagine without this precious photo.


Andrea H. said...

What a precious picture. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea what it meant. Amira has a very smilar picture with the soda and the bread.

Leslie said...

What a precious picture. What a gift.

The Merricks said...

I wish we had some younger pictures of ours. These will be such a treasure for your kids when they look back.