Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pioneer Day Failure

It was just after 4am this morning when LittleFoot came into our room.

“Mom. What am I going to wear for Pioneer Day?” he asked trying hard to keep in check his emotions about the situation. His concern was certainly justifiable seeing that neither CrazyMom nor I knew that today was Pioneer Day.

To understand how two Type-A parents with electronically synced calendars could fail the Pioneer Day test, it helps to understand the slightly dysfunctional relationship that CrazyMom and I have.

The first month CrazyMom and I were married we decided that it would be more efficient to have a division of labor in our home. I took taxes and all financial concerns that extend beyond day to day operations and CrazyMom got everything else. It was a sweet deal. Sixteen years and seven kids later, I am still doing taxes and financial stuff and CrazyMom is still doing everything else. Well, that is not totally true . . . I also do the blog. :-)

Anyway, part of “everything else” is managing the kids’ school life – valentine cards, cupcakes for birthdays, and, pertinent to this discussion, Pioneer Day. CrazyMom did a great job with our first three kids who have gone through Pioneer Day at school. She took in food, had their outfits all lined up a week in advance, and other stuff that I am not even aware of, I am sure.

This year, there was a switch in the way communications came home from school. Being environmentally correct, they send emails rather than paper notes in the backpack. CrazyMom is great at keeping up with her email, but, unfortunately, the emails were coming to me. I had in my head that CrazyMom was also on the distribution list, so every time an email showed up about Pioneer Day – what to wear, food to bring, and who knows what else – I was pleased that it was an email that I could delete without reading. I have a very literal understanding about this whole division of labor thing.

Well, fifteen deleted emails later, it is 4am in the morning with a concerned child. CrazyMom was able to soothe LittleFoot enough so that he could go back to sleep and then she was restless the rest of the night wondering how she could have missed that it was Pioneer Day and what she was going to have do quickly in the morning. Meanwhile, I slept soundly.

When morning came, CrazyMom and I figured out what had happened and that all of the emails were gone. CrazyMom then went in to rouse LittleFoot from bed. A few moments later CrazyMom had LittleFoot sitting on the wooden folding chair in our bathroom intently saying, “LittleFoot, I need you to tell me everything that you can remember about Pioneer Day.” I slipped away. It did not seem like a safe environment for me.

CrazyMom pulled together an outfit for LittleFoot and sent off a happy child to school. Of course, we are not sure what other duties we shirked by not reading any of those emails, but it seems that Pioneer Day went off without a hitch. As my favorite pioneer – Pa from the Little House on the Prairie books – always says, “All’s well that ends well.”


kate said...

So it wasn't a failure after all.

Did you get the school to change the default e-mail to Crazy Mom?

CrazyD said...

Hi Kate - Maybe the title is not the best. When I started writing the post I was thinking about how LittleFoot, who should have been snuggled up in his bed, was up in the night worrying about Pioneer Day. In that sense, I think we failed him in this case. Not the end of the world, of course.

I have not followed up with the school yet because I am not sure if the emails were from the school or from the room mom. As I said, my fingers hit the delete button with lightening speed. I will just have to wait until I get another email and then I will look to see if CrazyMom is on the list or not - I PROMISE!!!

Laurel said...

That could definitely happen at our house.

mama of 13 :)