Monday, March 23, 2009

The Revered Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere Yields Family Luau

(Editor’s Note: This is part of an occasional series titled “Things I was Going to Post About a Year Ago”)

We have children in several different schooling situations – some in a private school, one in a public school, and some are home schooled. For our homeschooled kids, we use the Sonlight curriculum for some of the disciplines. This year our two oldest girls are working through the very popular Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere curriculum.

Each eastern region studied has a “Pick Your Adventure” component which is basically a project. In case you don’t know, projects are often a lot of work – for the parents. We were tempted to skip the projects because they are a lot of work – for the parents, but the buzz in the Sonlight community was, "Although the projects are a lot of work - for the parents - don't skip them! They are the things memories are made of." Well, they were right.

So back in the fall Ed, a potential future cruise line activities coordinator, chose to have a luau for her first project while Miss Bookworm, a potential future engineer, designed an island theme park.

The luau was a lot more work – for the parents, but it was a lot of fun for the whole family. The event was kicked off with a Polynesian style meal.

After the meal we cracked open a coconut for desert and then started the festivities.

The following video clip is not overly captivating, but it caused a stir due to the segment where CrazyMom is hulaing. I am turning a deaf ear to calls to not post this video, but hey, I think our marriage is strong enough to survive this.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this was worth the wait!

The MSILF said...

I love your blog, it's always so happy.

Why didn't Anna get a grass skirt???

Diane said...

I think we missed "Daddy's turn." CrazyMom will learn and volunteer to videotape the next time, I am sure.

Kris Long said...

If only crazymom had the coconut bra....then I would have been impressed!

CrazyD said...

MSILF - Anna did have a grass skirt at one point, but for some reason she took it off.

Diane - I wish so badly that I could have been able to have a turn and have CrazyMom videotape me. Unfortunately, I am ultimately responsible for technology in our house. (Lucky there!)

Kris - You know she had one. She would just not let me post the picture. (OK, maybe not.)

Diane said...

I am laughing SOOO hard at Chris's post. It is not too late?