Saturday, January 24, 2009

Painting on Saturday

This morning as CrazyMom and I were getting ready, we were talking over the day we had before us. With just a couple of basketball games on the schedule, it was a relatively light day for us, so I immediately starting thinking of what we could do with the kids. For some reason, painting popped into my head.

When I went down to set up a painting studio in my shop, the mold in the tempora paint reminded me of how long it had been since we had painted. After a half hour of washing out containers, re-liquefying pigmented paste, and establishing four easels so we could work with just two shifts of painters, the painting began.

I had the kids pick out their favorite piece from the day and here they are with it. By the way, they wanted me to tell you that Anna's painting is of a rainbow over Moses and the burning bush.

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Pajama Mama said...

Just this week, my 5 y.o. declared The Burning Bush as her favorite Bible story! Beautiful job, kiddos; fun idea, CrazyDad!