Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, Whoever You Are!

(Note: Enough of you have complained to my children about me not posting for awhile that you have won. They have diligently passed along your calls for a post pushing it to the top of my list. I have to admit that I am unsure about the power that you have over my family!)

It is common knowledge that parents, in the middle of trying to get a particular child’s attention, have a hard time coming up with the right name. I often find myself calling in rapid pseudo birth order many of our children’s names when trying to address a child.

If that was the worst that it was, I would not feel too bad. But . . .

I sometimes will say, "Buddy! Little Foot! K.D.! Oh, whoever you are! Pick up those toys right now!" I am desperately trying to curb the "Whoever you are!" because it is borderline derogatory. But in the heat of the moment after I have gone through three, four, or even five names and have not hit the right one yet, it just slips out.

If that was the worst that it was . . .

Tonight I hit a new low. I had the youngest two boys "helping" me fix the gas fireplace. I had to go settle a date-on-the-milk-jug issue (clearly a story for another post) and upon my prompt return, one of the boys had already disappeared.

"K.D.!," I yelled, a little agitated that he had run off.

"Yes," said K.D. who was standing a few feet in front of me probably wondering why I was calling so loud.

It did not register. In my mind the kid in front of me did not have the name I was calling.

"K.D.!" I yelled even louder, now a little more than agitated because I knew he could not have gotten that far yet and was probably ignoring me.

"I’m right here, Dad." K.D. said again. This time it registered. I was yelling the wrong name.

"Oops." I said.

"Little Foot!" I yelled next.

"Here I am!" Little Foot said. He was hiding three feet from me and pretty tickled because he could see what was going on the whole time.


Anonymous said...

well, I have not been asking yorui kids but I have been looking for a post. :-) Thoughts from many of them haunt me. I keep thinking of the trusting in chariots one for example.
Linda K. (from church)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could go back and edit that comment to read your instead of yorui :-(

CrazyD said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the comments. Hopefully the posts "haunt" your thoughts in a good way.

Don't worry about the typo. I make them all of the time. I am just lucky enough that I can go back and edit my posts after I submit them!


Diane G said...

That happened ALL the time at my house growing up. Mom figured she would hit the right name after she named us all. Guess it does happen in other families. I never asked your "darling" little ones, but there is now a direct link to your blog in one of the Merrick posts.

Kurt and Kayla said...

I was an only child so you would think there would be no confusion but instead I commonly got called the dog's name!


The Merricks said...

This must be universal... I'm already starting to do the same thing and we've only had the adopted kids for 10 days!

- Mark

Tim said...

The legendary 'whoever-you-are' call of my grandmother was "Tim-Deborah-Becca-Rinny-Ginny-Dave-Steve-Paul!"

Rinny was my father's family's dog; Ginny was my grandmother's niece, and Dave-Steve-Paul were my dad's brothers. Not sure why my dad (Dan) didn't get his name included there, but I guess he must have never gotten in trouble.

KelseyChristine said...


Anonymous said...

I am guilty of requesting posts(but I go through your mother-in-law instead of the kids).

I say the exact same things to my kids. Sometimes I just say, "Hey, You Over There!"

I'll be patiently waiting for your next post.