Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas

For all of you who read the last post and felt a twinge of "Oh, we ought to sleep under the Christmas tree, too" I have just two words for you - forget it.

OK, I’m back now. Just as I wrote the words "forget it," Anna called out and CrazyMom and I dashed upstairs to find Anna about ready to vomit . . . again. CrazyMom is super fast and would have made it to the bathroom earning a perfect score of 10.0 for vomit control except that she ran Anna and herself full bore into a closed bathroom door. It sure is a bummer that the night light in the hall is not brighter. CrazyMom still scored an impressive 8.7 on the maneuver because she did not drop Anna and was somehow able to prevent any unwanted liquids from hitting the carpet. Unfortunately, most of it was inside of her sleeves. By the time I arrived on the scene (my dashing is clearly slower than CrazyMom’s dashing) Anna was standing in the bathroom as CrazyMom was whipping everything into shape.

"How are you doing, Anna?" I asked tenderly, knowing this is a difficult situation for anybody.

"I’m good," she said perkily unfazed by it all.

Anyway, as I was saying, forget it. Sure these are the things family memories are made of but the memories are things like your back hurting from trying to sleep on the couch, not sleeping because Anna is coughing the whole night through, not sleeping because Anna is throwing up, and not sleeping because when Anna throws up every kid wakes up. On the bright side, you get a much earlier start on opening presents.

Anna started out marginally OK this morning, but was fading fast. We called the doctor and they wanted us to come in ASAP because they were hoping to go home. That did not work for us since we were having our Christmas so we delayed, finished our gift exchanging, and then CrazyMom took Anna to urgent care.

Now I am certainly not glad that Anna was sick, but we had one fantastic time while mom was gone. We purchased four very sweet laser tag guns (my idea, obviously) and spent hours running all through the house playing laser tag. The great thing was that since CrazyMom had to leave right after the presents were opened there was no time for me to discuss with her what the house rules should be. This meant that I got to pick the house laser tag rules on my own. We started with some lame rules about keeping it to one floor and the like, but they soon were all thrown out and we were just left with "You can’t swing your gun and hit somebody" which the kids would never do, but it makes it sound like I had some rules. The only problem with the afternoon was that CrazyMom kept calling me on my cell phone to give me updates on Anna. I felt obligated to take the calls but in doing so I would give away my position in the house. Such is life, I suppose.


Laurel said...

I'm thinking we'll just sleep in our beds tonight.

Great job, Crazy Mom, on getting an 8.7. Bummer the closet door was in the way.

Christmas Blessings,


sally said...

Sounds like a fun day!! We also got the laser tag and forgot to make rules BEFORE we started. Merry Christmas!

Tonia said...

Sorry to hear about Anna's rough night, but way to go, CrazyMom! And whole-house laser tag sounds so awesome! Good call, CrazyD!