Tuesday, October 21, 2008

“I’m so Happy”

The other morning I walked into Anna’s room to get her up. She stretched her arms above her head nice and slow looking particularly satisfied from her night’s rest.

Anna: Dad, I’m so happy.

CrazyD: You area? Why are you so happy?

Anna: I love my bed.

CrazyD: Good. I am glad you love your bed.

Anna: And I have ice cream in my bed.

CrazyD: You had ice cream in your bed?

Anna: Yes . . . I’m so happy. I love my bed.

It finally dawned on me that she must have had a dream that she could not quite distinguish from reality. And this dream of eating ice cream in her beloved bed moved this normally happy girl to an even higher state of happiness.


kate said...

What a wonderful way to wake up!

Nicole said...

That is absolutely adorable. We have a few in the house that tend to speak to us while still either sleeping or not quite awake enough to figure it all out. I love stories like this.

Btw: I gave you an award at my blog.

Ruth said...

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Un saludo

CrazyD said...
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CrazyD said...

Hi Ruth,

I don't mind at all you linking to my blog from your site. I just hope that the people who visit my blog from your site are better at reading English than I am at reading Spanish!