Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Scare

by Miss Bookworm
July 4, 2008

(Editor's Note: This is a piece of writing that Miss Bookworm wrote about when she was at a week long camp a few weeks back.)

It was about 10 or 11 o’clock at night. Our cabin was hanging out at the Pop Shop, having a good time, when our counselor called us over. Our normally cheerful and joking counselor was now grave, and she was holding a note in her hand. She said that she had received it after supper. It said to go down to the front of the dining hall. She also told us that it said “NO TALKING” in all caps. That kinda scared me. As we walked down the beaten trail around the lake to the dining hall, the dark night and looming trees set my unsure mood. When we got to the dining hall, we sat down on the porch over the lake. As we were sitting down, someone whispered in my ear that we weren’t in trouble at all, but I didn’t believe her. Why would she know and no one else? I might have believed it slightly at first, but as time wore on, I was more and more certain that it wasn’t true. My counselor told us to sit quietly until someone came. Then she told us that she thought Chuck was going to handle this, but he was busy, so Hannah, the nurse, was going to instead. I was now thoroughly freaked out. Chuck was one of the camp leaders. If he was supposed to talk to us, something really must be wrong.

When Hannah came, she sat down and said something very bad had happened. She said that someone had gotten seriously injured at swimming time, and that someone in our cabin had hurt her, but the person didn’t know who it was. It was incredibly serious and they were going to write a report about it. She pulled out an important-looking notebook as she said this. Hannah said that whoever did this should come forward - “you know who you are.” I raced frantically through my memory for what we did at swimming time. Surely I hadn’t hurt anyone seriously!! Then Hannah said “Well, if no one will come forward, we could just go inside and have a pizza party.” At first I was sure she was kidding. Then I realized it was no joke; I had been fooled. I was extremely relieved that we weren’t in trouble. The girl who had told me we weren’t in trouble had been right!! Her mom had sent in money for a pizza party for the whole cabin. I was so glad as we stepped into the light of the dining room to feast. We had a great time that night and we got very hyper as our emotions swung from worry and stress to the excitement of having a pizza party. I promise you, they’ll give you gray hair at that camp.


Innocent Observer said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing that makes me long for childhood camp!

Anonymous said...

She's such an amazing writer. I'm so proud!