Sunday, July 20, 2008

Celebrating 15 Years

The other night CrazyMom and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We shunned the traditional 15 year gift of crystal opting instead for a night out on the town. Emulating our courting days, I lined up several different activities for the evening including a movie, dinner, and viewing an exhibit of Pulitzer Prize photographs. Putt putt was also on the docket, but the evening was getting late for us. This was our 15th anniversary after all, not our 5th.

The Pulitzer Prize exhibit was powerful in the way that it testified to the depravity of man. I found myself feeling grateful to these photographers for forcing me to remember and deal with events of our past, but at the same time I am not recommending the exhibit as a part of your wedding anniversary celebration.

After dinner we strolled around a bit enjoying what was a gorgeous evening. Here is one of those arm length self portraits as we are relaxing outdoors.

Our heavenly father is one who likes us to remember – from the communion table today to the twelve stones carried from the center of the Jordan River long ago (Joshua 4) – it is important to keep in mind the ways in which God has been faithful to us. In the same way, CrazyMom and I love to play “I remember when . . .” on our anniversary where we each take turns completing the sentence by recalling some time we have shared together in the past. It is always fun to be reminded of things about which we have not thought for a long time.

With seven kids underfoot, we don’t get out alone very much. However, we are on the verge of a new era. Soon we will be able to duck out for dinner leaving Miss Bookworm as the commander-in-chief of the rest of the munchkins. What a sweet day that will be.


Innocent Observer said...

Happy Anniversary! July 17th was our 15th as well! I always thought 15 years would equal a week in Hawaii...baaahaahaahaahaaa We went camping instead.

The MSILF said...

Pay Miss Bookworm well!

Rosie said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!

My husband ALSO shared our 15th anniversary on the 17th!!

Sally(from MO)

Souzy's Zoo said...

Has it really been 15 years? Jon and I were just talking not too long ago about the terrible flooding we witnessed driving out to your wedding. We're all a little more busy (to say the least) than we were back then, huh? It sounds like things are going so well for you. We're very happy for you! We'd love to meet the new members of your family sometime!

Jon & Wendy

amy smith said...

we have 5 children, and just this summer, our oldest daughter took a babysitting certification and cpr course... and let me tell you, it is life changing. :)happy anniversary!

Laurel said...

Don't fear the teen years ... they can be wonderful.

A few years ago, we had 2 extra teens at our house, in addition to our 6 bio. teens and 4 "youngers". Life was CRAZY, but FUN!

Now ... we have 3 twenty-somethings, 4 teens, and 6 "youngers". And, we love the young-adult years with our kids, too.

Every stage has its challenges (puberty) and its blessings (free babysitting). Enjoy them to the fullest!

Laurel :)