Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nighttime Prayer

K.D's prayer from tonight:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day. Help all the kids who don't have a mom and dad to get a mom and dad. Help them to get food, too. Help us to have good dreams and no bad dreams.

In Jesus' name,



Cristi said...

KD seems to be completely precious.

jody said...

well, it worked! we just got our application approved to adopt and we just mailed in our homestudy paperwork to begin the adventure-way to go KD!! :)

~Laura~ said...

How sweet!!!


It has been SO long since I read your blog. It got lost in one of my billion folders and I have spent the morning catching up...I should be homeschooling but my little Major Cutie is sick and so the tv is on and the other kids are staring at Dora and trying really hard to be quiet so I will forget about them. While reading your blog I am forgetting about school, much to their delite! Congratulations on beautiful Anna!
jen in MI