Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Day in Ethiopia

Today was a day just to hang out without much on the calendar.  We went and visited Layla House, which is an orphanage connected with Adoption Advocates International.  While we were there, we had a doctor look Anna over and, although Anna was not at Layla house, he had seen her before and so he had a file on her.  It was nice to see that some of the ailments she had a few months ago they had been able to clear up.  We did also end up going to a local clinic for a stool sample.  This clinic made the "photo of the day" and is shown above.


We walked home from lunch and stopped in a few "stores" along the road that are generally not frequented by "forengees", or foreigners.  I bought two loaves of fresh baked bread for 1.25 Birr each.  When we were here a year ago I recall the loaves only being 1 Birr, so I guess inflation is everywhere.  While a Birr is only 10 cents USD, it does represent a days wage for the lowest end workers.


During Anna's afternoon nap, I went out and roamed a bit.  I blended in really well and nobody took me for tall white lanky American.  Actually, lots of people would call out to me and say a word and point.  I would smile and say hi but I had no idea what they were talking about.  I then came upon a really fancy restaurant – the fancy type with tablecloths, English speaking waiters and entrees for 50.00 (Birr that is, which is $5 USD).  I looked up and saw the name of the restaurant – arco  something or other – the same word that everyone was calling out to me.  I guess everyone who saw this wandering forengee figured I was lost and were directing me to the only place around that made sense – the fancy restaurant.  So much for blending in.


Now, CrazyMom tells me that the only thing people are interested in is more info about Anna and she has not been happy with the limited amount that I have provided.  Here are a few paragraphs that she wrote that will fill all of you in:


The first thing we've noticed about her personality and behaviors are how different they are from K.D. (editor's note – I have failed to tell blog readers that Anna is K.D.'s little sister.  Sorry!)  She's been VERY mellow and content and quiet.  Her fine motor is great and she is a tidy eater.  Last night she got a little bit of shiro wet on her shirt.  At first she didn't notice it, but when she did, she took a bit of injera (for lack of a napkin in the hole in the wall restaurant) and tried to wipe it off.  She neatly licked each finger clean if she got any sauce on it. And, as opposed to K.D. a year ago, she eats everything in sight and gladly picked up the very tough meat and barely cooked onions from dinner last night and popped them in her mouth and commenced the big chewing project required to get them down.  It's entertaining to watch her eat because she just doesn't quit. 


She has a sweet and ready smile and is starting to talk to us a little bit.  We went for a walk early today and stopped in at a tiny "supermarket".  She enjoyed pointing out things she recognized, namely biscoot (cookie) and caramellow (candy) and macaroni.  She's quiet and a bit shy, but has told several strangers her name when they've asked her and showed preference for being held by us over the social worker from the orphanage who went with us to the doctor this morning.


Tomorrow should be a big day for us because we get to go to the U.S. Embassy for our visa interview.


Kris Long said...

THANK YOU! I am chomping at the bit here for news and this was wonderful!!! Hopefully we will talk on the phone soon - we will try you tomorrow, Thursday.

Kris and company

Innocent Observer said...

Great news! My husband just came running in after I gasped out loud after finding out that Anna is KD's sister! Wow!

What other important details are we missing?!?! :P

Kelly said...

Yaay! I'm loving reading these updates! Thank you and congratulations!!