Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AHOPE and Embassy

Before I tell you what we did today, I first want to tell you more about Anna.  The true Anna emerges more each day.  Last night I was running around and hiding in different places playing a little hide-and-go-seek / peek-a-boo with her.  She would give me this smirking grin and then laugh and giggle whenever she found me.  This morning, when I saw her for the first time I peeked out from behind the door at her and her face just lit up, then she did her grin/giggle/laugh routine.  She gets livelier each hour that goes by.


Anna is also a professional snuggler.  The very first morning CrazyMom got up to take her to the bathroom and I was still in bed (no comments on that one please).  When CrazyMom came back to the room she dropped Anna off on our bed and left to do something.  Anna immediately worked her way up to my side, slipped one arm under my neck, threw her other arm over my neck, and buried her face into the side of mine.  When we are out and I am carrying her in my arms at random times she will throw her arms around my neck and give me a big hug and kiss.  I am not sure, but it almost seems like she does it when other people are watching us to show them that this is her dad.


She seems to be attaching very fast and is comfortable with us loving on other kids.  Tonight I had another girl who is at the guest house sitting on my lap and Anna would catch my eye, but she was not possessive.


Now for the day.  We went to AHOPE this morning to deliver all of the donations that we carried over.  It was enough to fill the trunk of our taxi cab – but keep in mind these are tiny Russian made cars.  It was great to spend some time again at AHOPE this year.  There are a lot of good things going on there.  It was great to see how Anna responded in this environment.  Even though she did not know the kids, she would go off to play with them.  After a few minutes she would come back to "check in" with us by getting a hug or briefly being held, then she was off again.


This afternoon we went to the U.S. Embassy with the other AAI families.  Everything went as expected, which was great.  The photo-of-the-day is of Anna all dressed up and playing around after the embassy appointment.


Tomorrow is a day out on the town with a driver who worked with us last year.  We are anxious to see him!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Addison is a little cutie. We can't wait to be able to give her a hug. Love Grandma

Bethany M said...

Last week I read some old posts from your trip to Ethiopia last year. I'm excited about hearing how your driver is doing tomorrow. (Jacob, is it?) Is he still driving the same car?

Glad to hear you are all doing well!

The Merricks said...

Sounds like Littlefoot may have some competition for lead snuggler in the family :-) It's great to see that Anna is already bonding.

Try not to break the driver's cab this year :-)

Innocent Observer said...

In this picture they look so much alike!!!

I'd love to hear the story someday about how it came to be that you adopted FG and KD last year but not Anna. From a totally curious (not judgmental) place.

Please keep posting; I'm enjoying all the updates!


Norah said...

What a beautiful picture! Enjoy all those snuggles.

CrazyD said...


Thanks for the question about Anna. I think others will want to know as well and so I am writing a post about why it did not work out last year and it should appear on the blog soon.