Thursday, February 14, 2008

Watoto Children’s Choir

A couple of weeks ago when we had our friends' kids staying with us (see 12 Kids Underfoot) we took the whole gang to see the Watoto Children’s Choir sing.

Once we got all 12 kids nestled into a pew that some good friends saved for us, the program began. One of the first things mentioned was that all of the kids were double orphans from Uganda. Since I had five adopted kids from Ethiopia with me, I realized that I needed to start keeping an eye on them since I did not know what their reactions might be. It turned out that there was nothing to worry about.

It is hard not to be moved when you see a stage full of children whom the world has forgotten singing about how they have not been forgotten, for God knows their name. Here is the finale of “Not Forgotten.”

It was a powerful evening in many respects and has had a lasting impact on our family. We purchased a CD that night which the kids just love. F.G. loves to listen to one of the tracks over and over. The other day she said to CrazyMom, “It is my favorite song. It makes me cry.” Here are the words:

African Lullaby
by Dawn Stride

Who will sing my lullaby
Who will hold me when I cry
When I awake and no one’s there
Who will sing my lullaby

One straw mat
Two sisters, one brother
Our father is gone
Now we cry for our mother
Who will protect
And watch through the night
Who will be there
To blow out the light

Will you sing my lullaby
Will you hold me when I cry
When I awake, will you be there
Will you sing my lullaby

F.G. has already decided what she wants to do with her life. She wants to grow up and be the person in charge of an orphanage, just like the woman from the movie Madeline. She also wants to have two kids and adopt two kids. After our night with the children’s choir, she decided she wanted to adopt from Uganda.

Buddy was also moved deeply by seeing all of these children who do not have a mother or a father. He continues to pray nightly for the children at the Watoto Villiage in Uganda. And he is not the only one . . .


jody said...

Thanks for sharing that-I loved it! I have a friend who works with an orphan group from Rwanda-the MIZERO children and they have been traveling around doing a choir tour, too-it is wonderful! God doesn't forget, of that I am sure!

Susy Q said...

What a special video. Thanks so much for sharing.

Tymm said...

Awesome video - we saw the choir in Atlanta about a month ago - BLOWN AWAY is what we were. We can't stop singing the tunes. We bought the cd, the shirts, the jewelery. The kids are inspiring.

Would you mind if I embed your video in a post over at I found it on Google Video but wanted to ask before just using it - its some of the best we could find (unfortunately we took no video while we were there).

Thanks - and by the way - you have a great looking family.

CrazyD said...

Hi Tymm,

You can feel free to embed the video, but please link back to the original post.