Thursday, November 29, 2007

Learning to Read

Having adopted older children (5-8) from Ethiopia that do not speak English, it has been fascinating to watch them take on the language. Since we live with them, it is hard to see the growth every day. But then something happens and you say, "Wow!" as you realize that since the last time you noticed, some substantial growth has taken place.

This happened to me the other night when I saw K.D. reading before bed. Yes, I said reading. I quickly grabbed the video camera to capture a few moments of it. Keep in mind that K.D. did not know his Amharic or English letters when he came to us 9 months ago.


Tim said...

This is adorable.

Anonymous said...

i love the wiggling toes 3/4 of the way through. so sweet. how fun that you caught it on video. jcn

Lori said...

Unreal - he's a genius! And quite adorable too!

Susy Q said...

What a smart boy! I'm telling you, these Ethiopians...Sasha blows me over every day.

He'll be in Harvard before he's 10!