Friday, September 7, 2007

A New Marriage Low Point

CrazyMom and I have reached a new low point in our marriage.

I wanted to ask CrazyMom if she had remembered to take F.G. to the doctor that day. Since she had missed several appointments lately, I thought I had better follow up on this one.

Entering the kitchen I found CrazyMom cooking dinner and answering the question of a child. Behind that child was another child politely waiting to ask CrazyMom a question. Behind that child was a third child politely waiting to ask CrazyMom a question.

As much as I wanted to ditch in line, I knew it was not the example I should set. Instead, I went back to the office and sent CrazyMom an email.

When I checked my email later, sure enough, there was a response from CrazyMom. Turns out she had not taken F.G. to the doctor because she had cancelled the appointment.

While it was great to get my question answered, an internet relationship is not what I am hoping for. We will certainly have to continue to find ways to connect with each other in the real world.


Amy said...

That just brought a smile to my face today. Too funny. Having seen that same line of kids behind Dad when he gets home from work, maybe an email would be appropriate. Too bad he doesn't check his email at home!

Kris Long said...

Thanks for not mentioning that she was probably on the phone with me at the same time!

emily said...

At least everyone was waiting patiently in line:) That is funny!

Anonymous said...

hilarious...and i know how this feels. :-) jcn