Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kids wanting more kids

Before we adopted, some people in our lives were concerned about the impact on our birth kids from bringing new kids into our home. What would the kids think? Won't they have less of our attention? Might they not be resentful?

We have been fortunate that none of this has been true for us. Our kids are young enough that they really love to play and having more kids around just makes most games better. Lately our kids have been playing freeze tag after supper. Freeze tag works with six kids. Our kids also really like to play a version of capture the flag where you can freeze people. This game does not work with six kids and they only get to play when at least two neighbors show up. So last night they decided to lobby for a more permanent solution – having us adopt more kids.

Miss Bookworm thinks we ought to adopt four more kids, but this time we should get two older boys and two younger girls to mix things up. Buddy thinks two more would be good – a virtual twin for him and Miss Bookworm since Ed and Little Foot essentially got twins last time. Ed likes this plan as well. F.G. is neutral on the age/gender, but thinks more kids are a good idea. Little Foot has really enjoyed practicing his parenting skills on K.D. and prefers having more kids for him to parent rather than having more kids to parent him.

This is not the first time this has come up either. Every time we have guests with kids in our home our kids talk about how great it would be if we could adopt our visitors. After our friends leave and we take the leaves out of the table, the next time we sit down for a meal the kids will say, "Our family seems so small now" and they start asking about adopting again.

Our kids think of adoption like an extended play date. Play dates are a blast, therefore adoption is a long term blast. Life through the eyes of a child is so simple – more kids = more fun.


thecurryseven said...

Ours are also always lobbying for more children in our family. Although I sometimes worry that it is evidence of their competitiveness and wanting to win some mythical "largest family award".

Sophie said...

I love it :) keep on loving those kiddos! Such a precious change of perspective when so many people in this country get overwhelmed with more than 2 kids!

Anonymous said...

I came here through a couple of links--starting with owlhaven. Anyway, we are adopting three children from the country of Ukraine this year. This will double the number of children in our home. I smiled to read your post because I can SO see our kids saying the same things!!! I bet you all have loads of fun!