Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Visit from Maria and Father's Day

CrazyMom and I are still able to keep in contact with some of the children who lived with us when we were foster parents. Maria, who spent a fair amount of time in our home, was able to come over and visit for a day last week. What a joy it was to see her again.

As I write this on Father's Day, it reminds me of the opportunity I have to be a father figure in the lives of so many different children - biological, adopted, foster, or friend. I can feel weariness settling in my bones when I think of the amount of emotional energy it takes to authentically connect with each child - to listen to the long recounting of a happening that I was at, to spend twice as long washing my car because I have four "helpers" who all are demanding hose time, to stay focused on the dinner table conversation and not my "to-do" list. Some days I do this poorly, as CrazyMom can attest to having seen my physically present but mentally absent state. This weary feeling fades on days like today, however, with all of my kids gathered around, or on days when Maria comes back to visit. I think it is because on such days I take the time to really look at my kids. When I physically look at them I see their eyes filled with innocent dependent love looking back at me. It is heart warming to be sure, but at the same time I realize the daunting task before me - to be a father figure to these precious children. The task is great, but there can be no doubt of the nobility of the cause. The weariness is gone and resolve is in its place - resolve to be a great father.

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beautiful post. great pics! jcn