Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A First Vacation

For half a dozen years or so we have gone to a family camp in the summer with other families that we know. This year there were five families with a total of 23 kids. The entire time is a grand party with the beach, the lake, the water slide, the nature center, the craft time, the many game times, the climbing wall, the camp fire, and all of the food. Of the 23 kids, five were from Ethiopia and experiencing the camp for the first time along with a few other first timers. Sharing in their joy as they did such things as going down the water slide for the first time was a real treat. At times, their faces could barely contain their excitement and it looked like it would be painful if they smiled any broader. Ethiopia sure seemed distant as I watched the kids romp and play without a care in the world. I guess that is what made it such a refreshing, albeit exhausting, time.


Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures. i want to go! seriously - looks like a lot of fun. jcn

Erin said...

I just wanted to say that your family is beautiful and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!!

(a mom from another big, crazy family)