Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mealtime Prayers

Having the opportunity to pray at mealtime is a big enough deal at our house that we have to take turns. We all hold hands when we pray. Not for any religious reason, but with as many kids as we have it is best to know where everybody's hands are when your eyes are closed.

K.D. takes the liberty of praying the exact same prayer at every meal after the person whose actual turn it was.

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day . . . food . . . in Jesus name, Amen!"

When the "Amen!" is exclaimed, he raises his hands above his head dragging upward whoever's hands he is holding.

Whenever Little Foot prays, he always has the line, "And please help F.G. and K.D. to learn English quickly."

F.G. is a touch more reluctant to use her newly acquired English skills praying at dinner time. However, the other day she did offer her own prayer request.

"Little Foot . . . learn Amharic quickly."


Innocent Observer said...

hehehe She told him!

Anonymous said...

great post - jcn