Monday, April 2, 2007

Life Lessons

Since my last post (A Hand in Mine) was all of the mushy "love for a child" stuff, it seems that you should know what happened in the hour after I pushed the "publish" button.

CrazyMom went upstairs to check on the sleeping kids and get ready for bed. When I went up, I was a little surprised that CrazyMom was not done checking on the kids, but like the good husband that I am, I figured she had it all under control and I went to brush my teeth. Moments later, my wife burst into the bathroom, clearly a little agitated, and loudly announced, "He peed on me!" I was able to manage a chuckle through my toothpaste filled mouth.

(Note to male readers: While what I am about to describe is an event to chuckle at, one should not chuckle within the first 24 hours and certainly not within the first five minutes. This is the first life lesson from this event.)

CrazyMom, who moments before was warm and fuzzy while reading the love post, was now a little cold and prickly from the pee and the chuckle.

The seeds for the peeing event were sown earlier in the evening when K.D. had too much to drink from a found water bottle on the car ride home from evening church. We knew this and when we put him to bed we commented that we should get him up when we went to bed to go to the bathroom.

Well, two hours evidently was too long for the young boy. When CrazyMom went to get him, he had already done the deed. The life lesson here is that when a little boy is tanked up with water when you put him to bed, get him up after one hour to go to the bathroom, not two.

CrazyMom got K.D. out of bed to change him out of his wet PJs. She stood the groggy boy up, pulled down his soaked pants, and then he peed on her. The final life lesson is that when a sleepy boy has to go potty, pulling down his pants should only be done when he is in front of the toilet.

Well, CrazyMom screamed. K.D. snapped awake and was ushered quickly to the bathroom. Live and learn.


Kris Long said...

It's even funnier through your eyes, D! I heard it straight from the horses mouth this morning and I felt bad for her. But, your right - it's hilarious.


Swerl said...

Just found your blog! I blog at

Funny, the "life lessons" concept.

A bit of practical advice -- they make "nighttime" diapers. Cost more, but have saved the mattresses more times than I can count!

Sadly there is no product for stifling ill-advised laughter!