Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ethiopian Children's Rock Game

When we brought children from Ethiopia into our home, we brought a lot of other things as well. Forgetting for a moment about the parasites (nothing that a prescription drug or two couldn't wipe out), their culture came into our home in terms of language, mannerisms, and ways of thinking and interacting. Another fun way we have seen their culture is through their childhood games. Here is a clip of F.G. teaching us a rock game much like jacks.


Kerry said...

Do you throw just one rock back in the air each time even though you have a fist full?

Thanks for sharing this!

CrazyD said...

Yep. Just throw one rock in the air no matter how many are in your hand.

Good luck trying it!

Anonymous said...

I'm teaching my kids in my church about
Ethopia. This game will be fun for them to try. Thanks

Anonymous said...

so it's just there version of knuckle bones???

Anonymous said...

My name is AWET-I’m from Eritrea is North to Ethiopia now. Although, It us to be part of Ethiopia. I'm a proud Christian woman in my early 30’s. Never been married and do not have any kids yet.

I found your blog random, while; I was doing a Christian fun thing to do. You have a beautiful family. I like large family because, I came from 6-sibilling.

The game; we call it in Eritrea is Handaie that is a Tigrinya word which is one of the Eritrean tribal language and its Eritrean national languages as well. I saw the video of your daughter when she was playing Handaie. She remained me, when I was a child playing with the rocks among my friends and family members.
Handaie is a traditional game mostly played among girls in the country. It's very important to the kids traditionally. It will teach them how to be discipline, self-control, focused in the game as well as social skilled. Handaie also, it’s a number computation game. It teaches the kids how to count in numbers. Handaie has rules like any other game. The rules are you do not have to drop any rocks from the start one by one to by two goes on thru ten rocks or more amongst the best Handaie players, a cheater (to be faithful) until fully completed the game or the winner of the game.

If you drop one rock you are out of the game from the one by one followed by two by two game the other person will go on, if the second person drop one rock, the
3rd person goes on and the game can go on up to the number of friends. At last the first person with out rock dropping will be the winner of all or the game. I hope this will be helpful if you're looking for or interested in knowing the purpose of the game or the fun for the game. Oh, boy I had a lot's of fun with this game and I remember will I was writing his to you all my friends back home. I’m living in the USA now.
I hope this is helpful to you and your kids.

Thank you!
May God Bless you!!

Anonymous said...

The game; we call it in Ethiopia is Kelelebosh that is an Amaharic word which is one of the Ethiopian tribal language and it is Ethiopian national languages as well. The rules, the purpose of the game or the fun for the game as Awet explained it. From this game learn the children about counting, focusing, concentrating, precision, self-control and skill to handle several things at the same time. The number of the rocks has to be odd (5,7..). The skilled Kililibosh players start by throwing the rocks randomly. The more outspread the rocks are the more difficult to play the game.

Unknown said...

That's keleblebosh. Ahaha i haven't played that in a while.

Anonymous said...

Im doin a project in school and was looking for a good game to teach the kids to do and this is GREAT!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is also doing a project about games children play. Both she and her sister have played this game with rocks since they came from Tigray to Australia, but they couldn't remember the name of it. I told Frewoini I would type Ethiopian Rock game into the net and see what happens and bravo there you go!! We now have both the Tigrinya and Amharic name. Thank you