Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Family Life - Fire Alarms, Urgent Care, and Concerts

Last week I told of when K.D. pulled the fire alarm, but I left out what else was going on that night. CrazyMom was going to take Miss Bookworm to her concert while I was going to take the rest of the crew to church. It was becoming evident by the look in Ed's eyes, however, that she was going to have to go to urgent care.

Well, what do you do in such a situation? Impose on friends, of course.

I took off with soon to be Mr. Fire Alarm and three others while CrazyMom went to the school in search of a friend (a.k.a. victim). She found a family to collect Miss Bookworm after the concert and gave them our video camera to capture the event for us.

Later, on my way home from church, there was a flurry of cell phone calls between me in the car, CrazyMom at urgent care, and our gracious friends leaving the concert with Miss Bookworm. I am not sure how people survived before cell phones.

As Pa Ingles always said, "All's well that ends well." And we have a video of the concert to boot. (My deepest apologies go to the composers for chopping out a few random seconds from their master compositions.)

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Kris Long said...

Man, that was really beautiful! Great job Miss. Bookworm!
Miss Kris